How long does it take to charge my battery?

The standard charger that comes with the Dolc-e Vita scooter will charge your battery from 50% to 100% in 2 hours and from 0% to 100% it will take 6 hours.

As soon as the battery reaches 100% the charger will stop automatically.

Never use another charger that the one we give you once you purchase your Dolc-e Vita (Just like a phone or a computer) because each charger is made for each specific battery and it’s designed for the engine of the scooter.

We are working on a new charger that will charge your battery in 2 hours and should be ready to be retailed during 2020.

How to charge my Dolc-e Vita battery?

The battery weighs only 22 lbs and can be easily removed, you can take the battery and charger into any 110 Volts plug (home, work restaurant etc).

If you need to park and charge it directly in parking lots or your garage, you can directly plug it on the plug situated behind on the right side of the scooter and you don’t have to remove the battery.

What is the lifetime of the battery?

Our lithium-ion battery is a smart BMS battery (battery management system) with an electronic system allowing control and charging of the different elements of the accumulators.

All the cells of the battery are linked together and allow a very precise indication of charge.

The battery was made to do 1000 charges (if you drive 30 miles a day with your Dolc-e Vita the battery would last for more than 3 years or more than 32,000 miles).

On top of that our battery has a sleep mode that way if you don’t use your scooter for a long time it won’t lose battery and affect the capacity of the battery.
A simple connection to your charger for a few minutes will reactivate your battery.

What are the range and the speed of the Dolc-e Vita?

Like every motorized vehicle, the distance with a full tank of gas or full charge depends on several factors (the weight, the way you drive, the road, etc..)

In normal conditions, your Dolc-e Vita with one battery would last for 35 miles (2 batteries – 70 miles).

The Dolc-e Vita is registered at the DMV as a Moped so the speed is limited to 30 mph.

The lithium-ion BMS battery will make you reach 30 mph with 100% of charge, 27 mph with 60% and under 10% the battery will be in a secure mode that will save the battery as much as it can and will reduce the speed a lot.

The advantage of buying another battery is that when the first battery reaches 10% you can just stop the scooter for a few seconds, unplug the first battery and plug the cable to the second battery to go back again for another 35 miles.

What license is needed for the Dolc-e Vita?

The rules can be different in every state in the USA and we recommend you check the DMV rules from your state.

For California, if you are more than 21 years old and have a driver’s license you need to pass a written test, but you don’t have to pass a driving test.

You need to make an appointment at the DMV or walk in and take a very simple test of 24 questions about the motorcycles to get your M2. You will then be able to drive and enjoy your Dolc-e Vita.

For the drivers that are between 16 and 21 years old, you will need to register for classes and pass a driving test (quite easy) on the parking of the DMV.

Do I need insurance?

By California law, you don’t need to have insurance for your Dolc-e Vita (like an electric bicycle) but we advise you to take an insurance that would cost between $300 and $600 a year depending on your driving history.

For the other states, we recommend that you check at your DMV and with your insurance company.

What maintenance do I need on my Dolc-e Vita?

The Dolc-e Vita doesn’t need any maintenance as opposed to thermal motor vehicles.
Because in an electric motor there is no friction between the parts so no wear.

The only thing to check is the tire pressure (3 to 4 times per year because that would slow the maximum speed and wear the tire faster), the wear of the tires and brakes like any bicycle.

We can take care of the check-up of your Dolc-e Vita or you can bring it to any bicycle shop or motorbike shop to change your tires and brakes.

We have in stock every single accessories of the Dolc-e Vita in every color in case of an accident.

Do I need to register my Dolc-e Vita at the DMV?

The Dolc-e Vita is considered like a moped at the DMV and you need to have a registration
that costs only $22 (it’s a one-time registration, meaning you don’t have to pay for the sticker every single year).

We take care of the registration at the DMV for your Dolc-e Vita.

The DMV will send you a license plate that you would have to put at the back of your scooter.
it is a one-time registration for special license plates, with no renewals required.

Can I use the bicycle lane?

The rules can be different in every single state of the USA, we recommend you check at your DMV what the rules are in your state.

In California, your Dolc-e Vita can use the bicycle lanes that are located on the road where the speed limit is more than 25 mph
For the road with a speed limit below to 25 mph without a bicycle lane, your Dolc-e Vita will be a priority on the cars.

State law only allows riders to ride on streets with speed limits no greater than 25mph. On streets with higher speed limits, moped operators may travel in a bike lane if one is available. California does not allow any motorized vehicle usage on sidewalks, and some local areas may have specific laws pertaining to mopeds and where riders may operate them legally.

Where can I park my Dolc-e Vita?

The rules can be different in every single state of the USA, we recommend you check at your DMV state rules.
In California, your Dolc-e Vita can legally be parked perpendicular to the street between 2 cars for free (parking can be expensive especially in a big city like Los Angeles).

A city like San Francisco is starting to create some free parking areas for mopeds and motorcycles.

What is the weight of the scooter and how much it can carry?

The maximum weight authorized of your Dolc-e Vita including the scooter, persons and luggage is 524 lbs.

The weight of the scooter is 177 lbs and it can carry up to 347 lbs (person and luggage).

If you took an extra battery on the scooter you would be able to carry 325 lbs (person and luggage).

How to avoid someone stealing my Dolc-e Vita?

The Dolc-e Vita scooter has 3 anti-theft systems:

  • The ignition key
  • The Neiman that blocks the steering direction of your Dolc-e Vita with the ignition key.
  • The removable battery because without the battery the Dolc-e Vita can’t work with another battery than the one you had when you purchased the scooter.

There are also 2 other options :

  • Attach the scooter with a locker at the front wheel or on the rear axis of your Dolc-e Vita and attach it to an element sealed in a wall or in the ground.
  • The locker can be stored easily in the box on the right end of the Dolc-e Vita.
  • We can always put a tracker discreetly on your Dolc-e Vita, you would have to subscribe for an annual 2G membership (Sim card around 60$ a year) that way you will be able to track your Dolc-e Vita on an app when it would be turned on.