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Dolc-e Vita Electric Motor Scooters

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Electric Scooters are fun!

Scooters Designed for Joy

Try it and you will love it! Because the pleasure of riding a Dolc-e Vita electric motor scooter is unique and unparalleled!

Riding through the city in silence thanks to the electric motor gives an amazing sensation of freedom and our motor scooter, based on an Italian design from the 70s, has an everlasting vintage aesthetic and elegance.

Thanks to two lithium batteries located under the seat, you can achieve a range of 70 miles and thus can drive long distances without a worry. Our electric scooter batteries are removable and lightweight and to recharge them all you need to do is to plug it in at home or anywhere else with an outlet.

Our electric scooter was created to let you drive without limits while helping our planet and its environment since the Dolc-e Vita is zero emission!

DolceVita-Electric-Motor-Scooters-Design-Adventure 0 Emission 2,900 Watt Electric Engine 100% Pure Fun

Go Places with Ease

Thanks to its light weight and maneuverability, traffic jams won’t affect you anymore. With our electric motor scooter Dolc-e Vita, you can drive between cars at the red signal while of course staying safe and park easily in between 2 parking spots!

Also, thanks to its electric motor and its speed limit of 30 mph, the Dolc-e Vita is classified by the DMV as moped (the equivalent of 50cc) allowing you to use bike lanes (depending on the states). With our second battery option you’ll get a 70 mile range and freedom from “range anxiety”. Enjoy the comfort of driving our environmentally friendly Dolc-e Vita electric motor scooter as you silently whiz by traffic congestion and pedestrians.

Electric Scooters - Dolce Vita 2 Seats 330 lbs Max Load 100% Green users

Share the Adventure

Owning an electric motor scooter Dolc-e Vita is a unique adventure and we want to share with you!

It is time to think differently about how we commute. The Dolc-e Vita electric scooter is the ideal replacement for your car and helps to reduce city traffic, pollution, and noise. Modeled after classic Italian scooters, the Dolc-e Vita also saves money: it costs just 45 cents for a 35 mile charge! Start saving money now and share the adventure by riding our two-seat scooter with your better half or a friend!


Clean and Simple

Removable Batteries

The Dolc-e Vita scooter combines tradition and technology! Underneath its classic Italian-retro look it has a rechargeable Lithium battery. It can easily be removed thanks to its handle and you can recharge the battery for your electric motor scooter either at home or at work with a 110V plug, in less than 6 hours. With up to 900 cycles of recharging, your battery will allow you to commute more than 30,000 miles!

Save Money

The cost per mile on your Dolc-e Vita electric motor scooter will be around 1.3 cents. The dollar savings, when compared to a combustion motor scooter, will be of $1,730 for one battery life in regards to gas consumption. Your Dolc-e Vita scooter does not need a traditional tune-ups, just brakes and tires check ups. Another way to save!

Help the Planet

How can you help environment and have fun at the same time? The answer is simple: buy a Dolc-e Vita electric motor scooter and commute with style, comfort, and silence. You can feel good about your zero CO2 emission while getting a 70 mile range with 2 lithium batteries. Help our planet and buy a zero emission Dolc-e Vita electric motor scooter today!

Dolc-e Vita Electric Motor Scooters SPECS


DOT and EPA, Moped Type


30 mph


35 miles and 70 miles with 2 batteries


2900 watts


2 Powers: Sport or Soft


Front and rear disc brakes with hydraulic double piston caliper


72V/20Ah Lithium removable 900 cycles weight 22 lbs




155 lbs without battery


3.5 – 10’’ Tubeless


12° (25%)


330 lbs


1 Year (Parts and labor)


Dolc-e Vita in Paris

Our Dolc-e Vita Electric motor scooter has been sold with great success for over 3 years under the 2Twenty brand. Many clients now drive their Dolc-e Vita all over the streets of Paris and the French roads, with no noise, no pollution and a big smile on their face!

Dolc-e Vita Electric Motor Scooters - Paris

“2twenty, an electric motor scooter that is a hit!

A scooter that will answer your needs, very maneuverable, easy recharge of the battery. His retro style will make others envious…
I can now drive electric in style 😉

– Aurele

Test Ride

It’s Easy, Come On Down!

Try it and you will like it! Contact us to schedule a test ride of our Dolc-e Vita electric motor scooters.

Driving it will grant you a unique sensation of freedom: no noise and no pollution!

All you need is your driver’s license or any license class. See you soon at our showroom located in Los Angeles, CA.

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Dolce Vita Electric Motor Scooter

Dolc-e Vita Electric Motor Scooter

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